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NCLEX education begins with the successful completion of IELTS with an overall band score of 6.5 and Speaking 7.We have divided the education programme into 4 modules based on the client needs as follows:
• Module 1 – Safe effective care environment
• Module 2 – Health promotion and maintainance
• Module 3 – Psychological integrity
• Module 4 – Physiological integrity
Time Limit for completion of each module -2 weeks for module 1,2&3 respectively and 4 weeks for module 4
a. The applicant will complete the requirements of the modular review course. This requires the applicant to attain an 80% in the first evaluation examinations/post-tests.
i. In the event that a candidate fails to attain the passing mark of 80%, remediation tests will be required where the candidate needs to score a minimum of 70%.
ii. The candidate needs to keep attempting the remediation tests until she meets the score.
iii. Once you clear the test you are eligible to sit for classes for that particular module.
iv. At the end of the modular class you need to complete the Class post test where you need to score 80% in the first attempt or 70% in the 2nd test.
v. If you fail to secure the required percentage you will have to retake the class.
vi. Consultation and tutorial sessions with the local nurse educator.
b. Upon completion of the modular course requirements, the applicant will be required to take the NCLEX on-line TEST
i. The candidate should attempt NCLEX online – 1 and 2 and needs to score each. You only have 2 attempts for each online. Remember that it is compulsory to clear both the online, if you fail to secure you will have to redo the modules or bear the expenses of your exam.
ii. Once your Board approval comes and if you have completed your education according to the company policy then we will proceed for ATT (authority to take test).According to Vermont Board you need to take your NCLEX exam with in 90 days of issue of ATT. If not your ATT will expire and you will have to reapply for your NCLEX exam.( REMEMBER THAT THE TIME LIMIT FOR ATT IS DIFFERENT FOR EACH BOARD KINDLY CONTACT THE EDUCATION DEPT. IN CASE OF DOUBT)
Your NCLEX application form will be forwarded on completion of 2nd module.
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